Yesterday's bandleader in a modern world

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Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Classic Peter Pan Syndrome guy with philosophy that if you never grow up, then how can you go through midlife crisis? Am a musician on sax and piano and most recently a bandleader envisioning myself a Ricky Ricardo of sorts but only in the sense that he's a fictional character. Some see me as more of a Fidel Castro and they have obviously not worked with me for sometime and were last seen in a rowboat desperately paddling towards other bands in hopes of defecting but sadly they are just paddling around the Bermuda Triangle looking for a country that will have them. I do alot of sketch art so that publically I can look busy when I'm really not and so that other people won't talk to me when I don't want them too(Can't you see I'm sketching!) and to have something to talk about(no, I'm not sketching you, that's a picture of my cat's regurgitated hairball that I was illustrating for the vet) because art promotes conversation. I'm a motorcyclist so that I can make quick getaways and to have a place to sit when I smoke outside of bars and to outrun anyone and anything trying to catch me or catch up with me.